About Us

Commitment to you

We are a superior company in private security services

TACT 1 Security can offer you a level of service of the highest standard with negotiable rates.

We have fully trained security guards, static, foot patrols, payroll escorts, special events, alarm response, bodyguards, mobile patrols, specializing in loss prevention and more.

Since 2011, Tact-1 Security has protected the lives and property of its valued clients through holistic planning and consistent performance. Tact-1 Security, services are a core competency within the business we serve. Therefore, we provide a full range of security in-house, with a fully-stuffed and highly trained team of security officers and specialists with over 150 years of combined service. Owned and operated by private security enforcement professionals.

Exceptionally Trained and Rigorously Screened Uniformed Security Professionals

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Our Mission

We are agile, confidential and trained

REMEMBER…your safety is our business.

Tact-1 Security’s objective is to identify, through gap analysis, any weak points in security and to provide robust and sound recommendations for enhancement of the security procedures.

Trained Agents

Tact-1 Security will make available to you some of the best trained security officers.

Procedural Formats

Security Site Assessment determines if the current protective measures in place around the premises are appropriate for the risk environment and are consistent with best practices.

Consistent Service

TACT 1 Security is a company with a reputation for both effective security solutions and the use of innovative technology in the protection of life and property.

Our Process

Prescreening Services We Perform

Immediately before the onset of a joint venture, Tact-1 Security will perform these services:


An assessment will be framed by an initial series of interviews. For your properties, these interviews are with department heads and key management, any relevant staff and appropriate law enforcement officials. The objective of these interviews is to identify key issues, internal and external threats and any current crime problems or other issues that may affect the property in question.

Physical Assesment

The following is a basic list of areas to be inspected at the site:

  • Current security procedure
  • Analysis of the routes leading to and from the premises
  • Access control measures and procedures
  • Physical security of perimeters
  • Physical security of offices / parking
  • Illumination (external and internal)
  • Electronic security measures (alarms, panic buttons, CCTV, etc.)
  • Personnel security issues and protective measures
  • Exposure of critical asset


The assessment will categorize the threats and identify their source, capability, motivators and likely triggers.


The Risks are prioritized for treatment based on the Client’s risk tolerance.

Risk Treatment

Tact-1 Security will design a treatment strategy designed to
support the Client’s objectives and processes or activities and which allows continuous monitoring of its effectiveness.

Our Execution

Performing Our Services

During the time of a joint venture, we will perform the following at agreed rates

Provide armed security officers, in the number required by property. Our guards are certified by the state of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations to perform security functions and duties. The guards are also trained in culture diversity and sensitivity matters so they that can perform their duties effectively and be sensitive to nuances

Provide a visible deterrent for crimes against your staff and residents while in the confine of the property only. Crimes include Murder, Rape, Kidnapping and Assault etc.

Alerting the proper law enforcement authority of any incident or criminal activity immediately

Tact-1 Security management will coordinate with local law
enforcement authorities to keep the peace, deal with troubled parents, students, residents and/or buildings and take necessary action whenever required to do so by law

Monitor access control and direct visitors

Tact-1 Security will communicate with the management office through a two-way radio dedicated to security personnel only.
It is the fastest and most effective way to communicate an alarm/duress to our security officer for immediate attention.

Officers will have body camera and district scanner (to be aware of incidents around property.

The armed security officer will patrol the immediate vicinity of your property. The security officer will not remain on fixed posts except when requested by Tact-1 Security management in cooperation with the coordinator/manager of property.

Our security officers will perform occasional vehicle/foot patrol to designated buildings
as assigned by Tact-1 Security management.

All vehicle patrols are conducted in Tact-1 Security’s squad Car/SUV that is well and fully equipped for this kind of operations